Election Results Should be Trusted by All and Voting Should be Easy and Encouraged

To encourage trust in the outcomes of our elections:

  • Invest in the technology needed to provide the most secure systems for registration, pollbooks and voting machines
  • Make sure all voting produces a traceable paper trail
  • Reduce the fear of mail in voting  through secure drop boxes, requiring realistic due dates, tracking ballots through scan codes and other technology, counting and correcting ballots as they come in for timely reporting
  • Report statewide results at one time when most votes are in to reduce skepticism as results change
  • Maintain nationwide registration data to address concerns about multi state voters
  • Use 21st century technology to provide consistent reliable voter identification cards
  • Conduct audits to acceptable national standards on all election

To make voting accessible we encourage:

  • Early voting
  • No excuses needed mail in voting
  • Polling places available in locations and with hours convenient for workers and families (providing for funding of additional poll workers as needed)
  • Automatic voter registration with required identification
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