A Non-Partisan Initiative of Concerned Business People

We seek to educate influencers on ways to run elections that have proven to lessen partisanship, increase voter participation, and favor candidates more likely to work together across party lines.

Our country has serious problems. We lag behind most developed countries in infrastructure, education, healthcare, and crime. The cause, according to a report by Harvard Professor Michael Porter and businesswoman Katherine Gehl, is that government is too polarized to get anything done. Social Security, Medicare, Highway, and Civil Rights laws were passed by bi-partisan majorities of both parties. Now almost all legislation is along party lines.

Democrats nominate to the left; Republicans to the right. Moderates in Congress virtually disappeared, dropping from 60% in 1951 to 1%. Legislators who cooperate with the other party are “primaried” into retirement. There are few swing districts or competitive elections. The nominee of the dominant party wins. Politicians represent the extreme bases of their parties rather than their overall constituents. Congress has a 13% approval rating, yet 96% of incumbents get re-elected. Voters are fed up.  As a result, the U.S. ranks at the bottom of all developed countries in voter turnout. We need to Reform Elections Now to establish a more representative government.

We are a non-partisan group, initially founded by Harvard Business School alumni, that wants to minimize partisanship, enfranchise independents (42% of registered voters), increase voter participation, and elect candidates who will cooperate to Make Government Work.

Our focus is on improving electoral systems to assure that all citizens are fairly represented. We believe the system currently promotes polarization and works against candidates whose stated objective is to work across the aisle to address the nation’s major problems. We have studied a wide variety of alternatives. Some, like restricting campaign donations or enacting term limits, are unlikely to work, because politicians like money and keeping their jobs. However, a number of reforms are working now and can be expanded nationwide. They include:

  1. Non-Partisan Primaries
  2. Open Primaries
  3. Ranked Choice Voting
  4. Ending Gerrymandering
  5. Removing Obstacles to Voting
  6. Eliminating Sore Loser Laws

If you want to help lessen partisanship, enfranchise all voters, increase voter participation, and elect candidates who will work together to solve our problems, we invite you to join our non-partisan initiative to Reform Elections Now.

Read our Powerpoint Presentation.

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