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October 11, 2022

Speaker: Peter Siris, Mike Otten, Herb Kaplan, Jade Decker




Should the Federal Government or States Rule? You Decide!

The United States is a Democracy and a Republic. The founding fathers tried to strike a balance between the rights of the Federal Government and those of the States. But now it seems as if the balance is becoming unraveled. Recent court decisions on Abortion, Gerrymandering, and Voting Rights have focused on what jurists term the Independent States Legislative Construction of the Constitution, giving more power to the states. These rulings have been hailed by the Right and sent the Left into apoplexy.

Virtually every day, in every state, we are confronted with major issues over federal vs state vs individual rights.

  • Should states or the federal government determine the rules over abortion?
  • Should same-sex marriage be controlled by states or by the federal government?
  • Should citizens be able to carry AK-47s from a state in which they are legal to one in which they are not?
  • Should states be able to bus or fly undocumented immigrants to other states?
  • Should the federal government have any say as to how states draw electoral boundaries?
  • Should states have the right to create their own voting rules for federal elections?

The balance between states’, federal, and individual rights on these types of issues is far more complex and less partisan than many believe.

In this event, we will cover a range of issues related to federal, states’, and individual rights. However, instead of giving you our opinions, we are going to ask you for yours. There will be 32 questions that will help you and us decide the appropriate balance between federal and states’ rights. Your answers may surprise you – and us – and provide the basis for a stimulating exploration of the topic.

Please join us for our event on Tuesday, October 11 at 5:30 pm ET for a discussion on the proper role of federal and state governments.


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