Event Details
September 13, 2022

Speaker: Daniella Ballou-Aares, Sarah Bonk, Chris Crawford, Larry Diamond, Edward B. Foley, Didi Kuo, Richard H. Pildes, Peter Siris, Robin Weaver




Fixing Our Outmoded Election Laws Is Not Partisan; It is critical for Business and the Economy

Imagine it is Jan. 8, 2025. Imagine that Congress is deadlocked, with two different candidates legitimately claiming the Presidency of the United States. Imagine what happens over the next few weeks:

  • Chaos erupts throughout the country.
  • The economy collapses. The stock market plunges 30%.
  • Businesses are destroyed.
  • Russia, China, and other countries capitalize on our crisis to advance their own ends.
  • Our democracy and country are on the brink of collapse.

This could happen! We must fix the poorly worded 1887 Electoral Count Act to avoid a replay of January 6, 2021.

The Electoral Count Reform Reform Act (ECRA) has been produced by a bipartisan group of Senators, with an approximately equal number of Republicans and Democrats. We need the Business Community to step up and support their efforts before the 2022 elections to avoid the potential risk to our government and our economy in 2024.

The planned meeting will bring together Election Law experts, Professors Rick Pildes (NYU) and Ned Foley (Ohio State) and political science scholars, Stanford Professors Larry Diamond and Didi Kuo to provide insights as to the specific pieces of legislation being negotiated and provide a forum for our reform organizations to discuss priorities, share insights on ongoing congressional negotiations, answer questions and suggest to you what you can do.

Robin Weaver, President Emerita of The Women’s National Republican Club, will act as moderator. The Panel will include representatives from Reform Elections Now, Business for America, Leadership Now Project and Protect Democracy.


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