Open Primaries

Florida: “All Voters Vote” is organizing a ballot initiative, requiring petition signatures, led by a consultant, Steve Vancour. The intent is to get something on the ballot for 2020 for implementation in 2022. However, there is perhaps a greater opportunity that does not require either state constitution amendment or legislation:

The Democratic Party in Miami/Dade County is considering opening its primary to Independents, and proposing a similar action at the State Party meeting in Oct, 2019. This would apply to the 2020 Presidential primaries, and beyond. 23% of Florida voters are Independents.

MO 2019-06

Missouri: This was a more immediate effort, of a defensive nature, to head off an initiative that has been passed by the Missouri House to revert to Closed Primaries! They needed a few more votes to get the proposal into the Senate‘Open Primaries’ organized a grassroots campaign to alert voters of the risk to moderates to lose their right to vote in party primaries. Our organization worked through its network to reach influential citizens of Missouri to make visible the risk. The Missouri House bill, which had been passed twice (Missouri process requires three votes), was taken off the table, thereby resolving the threat, at least for now. Wyoming and Tennessee have defeated in 2018 similar efforts to regress in election reform.

MO 2019-06

Maine: From an “Open Primaries” Newsletter: “

“According to Kaitlin LaCasse of Open Primaries Maine:

“On Tuesday, LD 211, “An Act to Open Maine’s Primaries” fell just two votes short of passage in the Maine Senate. This was the first semi-open primaries bill to receive a floor vote in the Maine Senate and it received bipartisan support, with 4 Republicans and 12 Democrats voting in support, including Senate President Troy Jackson.

70% of Mainers support open primaries, and activists across the state condemned the legislature’s inaction.” Maybe we can mobilize earlier for the next opportunity in Maine. MO 2019-06

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